A big “Welcome” from our new CMO!

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Here at Key Medical Services we’d like to introduce you to our new Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Caroline Rogers, who has written a welcome for all doctors, locums and practitioners who use our services:

Hello, and welcome to Key Medical Services!

As your new Chief Medical Officer (CMO), my primary role is to help doctors develop their skills to deliver the best possible service to our clients, and, most importantly, provide the highest level of care to patients.

With over 10 years’ experience as a CMO supporting doctors with their work performance, developing processes, working with organisations to meet CQC regulatory requirements, and as a trained appraiser I have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges that you may experience throughout your career as a Doctor.

My aim is to try and help you to deal with these challenges in the most time effective way possible. I would like, in future, to offer our GPs:

  • Support with appraisals both collectively and individually
  • To create a log of doctors among the Key Medical Services team who are, or have been, appraisers, and who might be willing to help their colleagues on a voluntary basis
  • To develop a ‘buddy’ or mentoring system amongst the Key Medical Services GP community
  • Monthly newsletter outreach highlighting training topics, safety alerts, and other topical information that may be useful in a ‘hot topics’ series
  • Greater support with providing evidence of training in certain mandatory topics

Training and Evidence:

You are probably aware that more and more GP Surgeries and organisations within General Practice are asking for evidence of training in certain mandatory topics. In particular, training in Basic Life Support and Safeguarding Children and vulnerable adults. Having these in place is also a requirement of the Care Quality Commission.

Key Medical Services will now ask all GPs to complete Basic Life Support training annually; and Safeguarding Children Level 3 and Safeguarding Adults Level 3 training every 3 years in addition to our other compliance support services.

Please can I therefore ask you, to send your certificates in these 3 topics to documents@keymedicalservices.co.uk as soon as possible.

If you haven’t completed these trainings, you can access the relevant modules through your ‘Healthier Business Group’ account that Key Medical Services provides for all its doctors. If you need advice on how to go about it, please contact compliance@keymedicalservices.co.uk

Support, complaints and feedback

I am also here to provide support where needed in the event of a complaint or poor feedback, to help you to reflect and learn from any that may arise, and to identify possible training needs. I will occasionally contact individual doctors to discuss a complaint or piece of negative feedback and I may wish to discuss your last GMC appraisal summary and help you reflect for you next appraisal, as part of the review process.

All complaints in future, including if you wish to make a complaint, should be directed to complaints@keymedicalservices.co.uk. You’re are also welcome to contact me if you feel you need my support, but please be patient in waiting for a response.

Key Medical Services is also looking at ways of improving the collection of feedback from doctors and healthcare providers to improve the services that we deliver. We now have a new designated email address for this: feedback@keymedicalservices.co.uk. We would welcome your thoughts and views!

Finally, I wish you success in your future career in partnership with Key Medical Services and look forward to working with you going forward.

Best wishes,

Dr Caroline Rogers