Top tips for newly-qualified GPs from our CMO

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We know that as a newly-qualified GP you’re excited about where your career might take you and may also feel apprehensive about some of the considerable tasks ahead, from revalidation to appraisals and compliance! Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Caroline Rogers, knows exactly what you’re going through and has some top tips to share!

Dr. Rogers has over 10 years’ experience supporting doctors with their performance, developing their skills and working with organisations to meet CQC regulatory requirements. As a trained appraiser, Caroline has a comprehensive and invaluable understanding of the challenges newly-qualified GPs may experience throughout their career and is a great source of advice and guidance for those considering locum work.

Caroline’s top tips for newly-qualified GPs:

1. Keep an ongoing record of your CPD (continuous personal development)

This is important when collecting evidence for your yearly appraisal, as you must demonstrate an ongoing dedication to developing your skills and expertise to support your career progression.

Keep a record of any courses you attend, web pages you’ve used for learning and contributions to peer support groups, etc., as this will play a key part in demonstrating to your appraiser that you are fit to continue practicing and that your license should be revalidated.

2. Ensure all certificates and records are kept up to date

To quickly gain access to the best locum opportunities, it is important you make sure all certificates and records are kept up to date. We now ask all GPs to complete Basic Life Support training annually and Safeguarding Adults Level 3 training every three years in addition to our other compliance support services.

We understand that keeping on top of your admin can be a time-consuming task on top of your already busy schedule, that’s why we offer support with your compliance by making it as easy as possible. We have digitised the process and condensed it into a simple four-part process so you can stay organised in just a few clicks using our online compliance portal.

3. Read the doctor’s handbook

It is important to make sure you remain familiar with best practices and are ready to face any scenario. When working in a fast-paced environment, it is easy to get caught up in administration as you go from patient to patient and sometimes it’s a good idea to take a moment to slow down and refamiliarise yourself with the core principles of locum GP work.

4. Keep in touch with colleagues or other newly-qualified GPs

It is important to stay connected with your colleagues and organise regular catch-ups to discuss cases, exchange experiences and talk about your development. Working as a locum GP can be both challenging yet rewarding and it is advised you seek support from your peers and learn from each other. Caroline’s aim at Key Medical Services is to try and help you approach these challenges in the most time-effective way possible and she would like, in the future, to offer our GPs the option to develop a ‘buddy’ or mentoring system amongst our community.

5.  Stay organised and prepared for anything

It is important to remember that we are only human and that accidents and mistakes happen! The best way to cope with them is to be prepared and know what the appropriate procedure is to deal with them.

Check with your specific practice or facility as they will have their own procedures in place, but in the unfortunate event of a complaint, Caroline is here to offer her guidance and support. Caroline will talk to you individually to help you reflect and learn from any negative feedback that may arise and identify how you can improve and any relevant training opportunities required to prevent further incidents.

If you are considering becoming a locum and are looking for advice on how to source assignments, our team of medical staffing professionals are happy to guide you in this time. They can help you get your compliance levels up to 100% and help source the best locum opportunities that suit your career goals.