Frequently Asked Questions for GPs

We hope you are keeping safe during these challenging times. We have some exciting news to share with you.

We have launched Key Medical Services on the 1st September 2020, replacing Locum Staffing as your medical services partner. Key Medical Services has the added advantages of an in-house chief medical officer and CQC registration to keep us close to the requirements of clients and clinicians alike. In time we will be adding new capabilities to Key Medical Services with improved systems and added services.

As of the 1st September all new opportunities will be handled by Key Medical Services. Importantly the consultants and clinicians you are used to dealing with will all be available via Key Medical Services.

This is just for your information; you do not need to do anything to continue to receive opportunities and be paid. Find out why we have started Key Medical Services and what this means for you.

The Celsus Group team who have looked after Locum Staffing will look after Key Medical Services so you will be working with the same people and can contact your GP Consultant or Locum Staffing point of contact as normal. Phone numbers will be the same and you can still reach out to them on their Locum Staffing email addresses as these will be automatically forwarded to their new Key Medical Services email addresses.

No, you do not have to go through the sign-up process again.

We are doing this as we think Locum Staffing holds us back from providing medical services in the way we would like to – for example, its brand name does not accurately describe what Locum Staffing does. Key Medical Services, on the other hand, is a primary care medical services provider, and a CQC registered company with a Chief Medical Officer.

Key Medical Services will continue the good work of Locum Staffing but is a new foundation upon which we plan to develop better reporting, technology, enhanced GP support and primary care focused medical services.

Locum Staffing is not becoming insolvent. Key Medical Services was developed as a strategic solution to address a gap in the market.

Key Medical Services will be delivering very similar services to Locum Staffing alongside offering additional support from our Chief Medical Officer, which means you should experience very few differences in working with us.

Payment terms for Key Medical Services and Locum Staffing will be the same, so in that respect there will be no change.

We don’t anticipate fees to change from Locum Staffing to Key Medical Services.

You don’t need to do anything. You will not have to re-provide bank details (unless these have changed) or go through the sign-up process again.

Key Medical Services’ terms and conditions will feel very similar to the Locum Staffing ones, but with updated clauses on things like data protection. For full details of Key Medical Services’ terms and conditions please view them here.

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