Becoming a locum GP has many benefits including greater flexibility, exposure to more variety – and often higher rates of pay! If you decide locum work is for you then Key Medical Services provides access to the top assignments available and a unique support structure to help guide the course of your career.

We have created a guide to help you make an informed decision about becoming a locum GP with Key Medical Services so that you can appreciate the challenges of being a locum GP and how we can help you meet those challenges.

What does being a locum GP mean?

As a locum GP you would be offered contracted, ‘temporary’ positions with trusts, private facilities, and NHS services.

The advantages of working as a locum GP with Key Medical Services


Locum work can afford you the freedom to choose where you work, for how long, and when you are available to work, allowing you to fit assignments around your family, social life, studies, hobbies or vocational pursuits.

78% of locum GPs cite flexible working hours as a key reason to becoming a locum (Pulse GP Jobs Survey, 2015).

Whether you only want to work one day a week, on weekends, out of hours or you like the idea of completing assignments at multiple practices, this type of flexibility is available to locum GPs.

Reduced administrative tasks

Whilst locums are expected to complete routine administration for each patient appointment and are advised to keep notes and records of their assignments in case of patient complaints, there is considerably less admin to complete than a permanent GP position would entail.

At Key Medical Services, our GP consultants can fill your diary with relevant assignments, saving you time and reducing your administrative burden, allowing you to concentrate on the parts of the job you enjoy. We can also help you target your assignments towards your professional development.

Higher income

As locums operate as contractors, they typically earn higher rates than permanent positions sometimes offer. This makes locum work a great way to supplement your income. If you are a partner or employed GP looking to supplement your income, or a retired GP looking for occasional work, locum shifts can be invaluable.

What’s more, once the work is completed and you have submitted your timesheet, you can receive payment within 48-72 hours.

Grow your experience

Working as a GP locum is a great introduction into general practice outside of your training.  As you work in different roles within different primary care settings your personal network will grow, and you may find you enjoy one aspect and decide to specialise.

It is a great opportunity to try things out and see what suits you!

Access to insightful support and guidance

Locum GPs can sometimes feel professionally isolated but Key Medical Services’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr Caroline Rogers, has created a truly supportive service for locum GPs with peer support opportunities, mentoring, update sharing, and assistance when difficulties arise. She has worked as and alongside a team of GPs so she is acutely aware of the strains and pressures GPs currently face.

 There is support available at Key Medical Services to help with:

  • Appraisals
  • Training and certification
  • Peer support through the locum GP community
  • Monthly outreach and insights
  • Complaints procedures and identifying learning needs

Find out more about how our CMO is helping our locums GPs develop their careers.

How to become a locum GP with Key Medical Services

If you are considering becoming a locum and are looking for advice on how to source assignments, our team at Key Medical Services would be happy to guide you through the process and offer ongoing support through every new assignment. They can help you get your compliance levels up to 100% and help source the best locum opportunities that suit your career goals.

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